Joana em Londres

By Março 20, 2018Happy Global People

“It was my first day in London. I was nervous, of course! I arrived at the school where I was going to attend a course in the afternoon during all week.

The first person I talked to was brazilian, but he just revealed it at the end of the conversation, which was an excellent strategy. Had I known it before, I might have been tempted to talk in Portuguese, as we always choose the easy way.

When I got to know my class, I understood immediately it was a group of people that knew each other, what could be more difficult for me. But it wasn´t the case, they quickly showed me that I also belonged there.

During the week, these people showed me what team work is. When the teacher asked someone a question, there were three phases: the first one, motivation phase – all students (and the teacher too) looked at this person as a support, searching the answer and were prepared to help anytime; the second one, enthusiasm phase – people’s eyes were full of satisfaction for listening to the answer, as this answer was the most correct (no matter if it was or not); and, the last, proud phase – people smiled and winked how proud they were for the effort of this person.

All classes were great. The teacher transmitted a positive vibration and the students had a huge will of learning. When someone didn’t say well a word or said a wrong phrase, it was comforting and even fun to understand how she did for had us repeating it until we said the right word/phrase, always with a smile.

Out of classes, I and some students visited places and walked around. It was amazing to feel everybody saw eye to eye. All of us tried to speak only in english – sometimes we said something wrong but another person would correct it and the conversation went on. At the end of the day, we all had learned more than we imagined.

On my last day, I found out that it was also one of my classemates’ last day, and that even the teacher was going to change to another class . When the class finished, the teacher said some words: highlighted how we supported each other, our will of learning and how she felt well when sharing her knowledge with us.

The end.
I could end up here, but I’m not! It’s amazing to see pictures of two of the students on my Facebook, or to give birthday wishes when other of them celebrates another year of life, or to send a message to know the news about another.
Thanks for this experience!”

Joana Gonçalves
Curso de Inglês Económico em Londres, Inglaterra.



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